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Get on the Bus (GOTB)

Something magic happens when you "Get on the Bus." You can feel the energy of going back to school, of being a child again, of dreaming big dreams of what you want to be, where you want to go and who you want to meet.  It's an experience that every community member should have in order to understand where our children are now and of the many places they will go if given a head start.


All GOTBs are a one-hour ride on a school bus that takes you through the neighborhoods of our children and families and concludes with a visit to a classroom where you can learn, play and connect. Let us show you how our programs help our most vulnerable population by educating children, inspiring families and investing in the future of our community.


Let us pick you up! We can arrange tours to come to your place of business and travel to a nearby classroom. We eagerly invite you to join us for our next ride.


If you are interested, need more information, or have a group ready to ride, fill our the form below or contact Amelia Loving at or 719-884-1414.

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