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Thank you for being a table captain! 

Please click on each of the buttons to retrieve each piece of your Table Captain packet.  Watch the video to the right to see gain some insight on how to fill your table.  

When you have filled your table, you have two options to submit your table guests' names.

  • Click on the "Fillable Guest List" button on the right, above the video.  Download the guest list in PDF and fill in your guest.  Email your completed list to Amelia Loving at  

  • Fill out your table guest list in the form below and click submit.  Your table guest list will be forwarded on to Amelia.

Note: Please fill out an email and phone number for each of your guests.  The purpose of this is to send information should there be bad weather, a parking issue, a traffic delay, or other immediate information needed to successful attend the event.

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