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March 20, 2020

Note to the CPCD Community Team


The work of education and human services is to connect with children and families while building community.  Today, we are walking on a different path to accomplish the same goal: preparing children and families for success in school and in life.  We're not exactly sure how to do that without hugs and laughter, talking with families in their homes or goal setting together. But, we are going to try with your help.


CPCD classrooms sit mostly in area school district facilities.  With that, we have closed.  Our team is just beginning to think out of the box to provide education and support to our community's most vulnerable families.  Here's our start to provide a head start:

  • Family Advocates are reaching out to all of our families to ascertain their needs and brainstorm resources.

  • Families in our program have access to ClassDojo, a communication platform to engage teachers, parents and students.  Daily activities and ideas will be shared for at-home learning and resources. We will also be using social media for virtual circle times and activity ideas.

  • We are working to put together learning bags that we can distribute along with school district food distribution.  Stay tuned for that.

  • Our community partners, Early Connections Learning Centers and Little Tykes, continue to operate.  CPCD is supporting both centers in staying open and accessible to parents as long as possible.


Your ideas are so welcome!  Visit our website at and connect with us.  We will be monitoring the communication, but forgive us if we can't get right back to you.


So much more to come.  We wanted our investors and supporters to know that we will continue to prepare our children and support our families.  We may be reaching out for further needs as time goes on and any online donations will be used for these efforts.  Continue to be safe and practice social distancing. Our community continues to amaze me. 

Noreen Landis-Tyson


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